B.Com Economics Notes – 1st year Business Economics Syllabus & Books

B.Com Economics Notes – 1st year Business Economics Syllabus & Books Download the Economics Notes for Sems. 1 and 2 of the B.com First Year. Get free study materials for a variety of university exams as well as B.Com Economics Notes.For students studying commerce, a bachelor’s degree programme in business lasts three years. One of the key disciplines in the first year of a B.com. is general economics, sometimes known as Indian business economics. Here, you may download free first-year B.Com. economics textbooks in pdf format. Business Economics 1 in the first semester and Business Economics 2 in the second semester are the two economics papers offered in the first year of B.com.

However, there aren’t any semesters for B.Com distance learning at several universities. Business Economics is the primary topic in the first year of the B.com distance learning programme.

B.Com Economics Notes Economics Syllabus & Books

  1. To expose students of Commerce to basic Micro Economics Concepts and inculcate and the analytical approach to the subject matter.
  2. To stimulate the student’s interest by showing the relievable and use of various economic theories.
  3. To apply economic reasoning to problems of business.

Download B.com Economics Notes – 1st year (Semester 1 & 2)

Business Economics IntroductionDownload
Indian Economics Notes (Hindi)Download
Business Economics Text BookDownload
Business EconomicsDownload

Detailed Syllabus of Business Economics – B.com 1st year

unit-1: Introduction of Economics, Nature, and Scope of Business Economics
unit-2: Demand , supply and market equilibrium, Theory of Consumption
unit-3: Theory of Production and costs,
unit-4: Market structure and factors of production,
unit-5: National income, trade cycles, and international trade,

Suggested Books for B.com Business Economics – 1st year

Aryasri and Murthy: Business Economics, Tata Mcgraw Hill
Deepashree: General Economics, Tata Mcgrawhill
HL Ahuja Business Economics, S.Chand
KPM Sundaram: Micro Economics
Mankiw: Principles of Economics, Cengage
Mithani: Fundamentals of Business Economics, Himalaya
Salvatore, D. Schaum’s, Outline of Theory and Problems of Microeconomic Theory,McGraw-Hill, International Edition, New Delhi.

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