B.Sc Hons Forestry 4 Years Examinations Date August 2021

B.Sc Hons Forestry 4 Years Examinations Semester-I,III & V (Regular) Examinations, August-2021 Honours Bachelor of Science in Forestry or Bachelor of Science with Honours in Forestry Forestry is a Forestry and Wildlife course for undergraduate students. Managing forests, plantations, and other natural resources is the art of forestry. In forestry, the main focus is on creating and implementing systems that allow forests to continue to provide environmental supplies and services in a sustainable manner. The course is broken up into 8 semesters, each with a different focus. Foremost among the program’s goals is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge of all aspects of forest management. As soon as students have completed the course, they can continue their education by pursuing their master’s degree and doing research.

B.Sc. Hons. Forestry Colleges

  • Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari
  • Kannur University, Kannur
  • College of Forestry, Akola
  • Forest College and Research Institute – FCRI, Coimbatore

B.Sc. Hons. Forestry Course Suitability

  • They should have a liking for outdoors, a spirit of adventure, good health, stamina and physical fitness and patience. 
  • Candidates possess scientific temperament, organizing ability, public relations skills, practicality, courage and decision-making ability. 
  • They should have the capacity to work long hours, a genuine interest in the preservation of the natural environment and habitat, the inclination for research and academic bent of mind and curiosity. 
  • Applicants also possess excellent skills of observation, interest in agriculture and geography.

B.Sc Hons Forestry 4 Years Examinations Date August 2021

  • Assistant Manager
  • Nursery Manager
  • Agri-Credit Manager
  • Farming Manager
  • Teacher & Lecturer
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